Didier Grossemy fight against anonymity

Didier Grossemy has embraced the internet over 20 years ago. Didier Grossemy is passionate about building and empowering businesses. Didier Grossemy believes the Internet has become a place where crime will continue to rise without an efficient global verification system in place.

Didier Grossemy has created a global verification system to protect businesses and Internet users. My Verified ID is about instant identity verification, document verification and secure cloud sharing.

Didier Grossemy believes the internet needs to emulate the real life environment in the way that people communicate and interact with each other. In the real world, there are consequences to peoples actions and are held accountable.

Anonymity empowers crime. It is simple to hide behind a fake email address or identity and pretend to be somebody. As an example if you are on a dating website…How do you really know if the personal you are chatting with is really who they say they are? Are they male, female, do they really live in the country they say? Is their age real? You have no way of really knowing who you are dealing with.

In real life when you are sitting at a cafe enjoying your cappuccino in front of the person you decided to meet you can really tell if they are male or female. There’s no hiding! So the question is…How do we replicate real life into the digital world? My answer is My Verified ID.

When Didier Grossemy first started on the internet the population was so small that it was not of a concern and nobody at the time would have given their real name,identity online net alone their credit card details. But recently times have changed the internet has become a part of your real life and most of your daily tasks are done on the internet like shopping, paying bills or booking holidays.

Another concern, Didier Grossemy says another big problem on the internet is cyberbullying and that the bully can hide behind the mask of electronic anonymity by using false screen names and assumed identities. This makes it difficult, to find out who the bully is.

There is a lack of fear that creates a false sense of security that makes the perpetrator willing to do or say things that they would not normally do in public. They feel freed from the normative social constraints on their behavior.

Technology creates the illusion that the user is invisible or anonymous. It is this perceived invisibility that makes it easier for the user to rationalize their harmful actions because they feel as though they cannot get caught. My Verified ID will stop this.